Building Owners! You must serve notice!

Bearing in mind that the Party Wall Act is an enabling act for the Building Owner, giving such rights as: rights of access to adjoining land and property, rights of scaffolding, rights to demolish and rebuild, rights to excavate and rights to cut into adjoining walls/buildings, the Party Wall Act must be seen as a positive act for the Building Owner, however it is still legal responsibility of the Building Owner to serve notice and this must be done correctly.

Serve Statutory Notice

If you are the owner proposing to carry out any building works, you must find out whether the works are governed by the Act. If so, you must serve statutory notice (one or two months depending upon the works) on the Adjoining Owners and get agreement to the works, before you start.

If your neighbours do not agree in writing, the preferred solution would be to appoint one surveyor to draw up a Party Wall Award. If you cannot agree a surveyor, then each side should appoint their own surveyor. The Party Wall Award will set out what can and can't be done in accordance with the Act.

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A Friendly Guide to the Party Wall Act